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Samstag, 17. September 2016, 10:43

Loong Dragonblood devoted YouTube channel

Howdy folks.
I made some random humble channel "Loong" ago. I got it kinda abandoned for a while cuz I literally gave up on gaming for some time. Modern games got me disappointed. Loong needs exposure and I'm gonna try to help new players get some info about the game without having to digg down to videos dating back to 2011(2) etc etc...

Here I'll post all videos I make about this game.

Check those out, help the channel grow as that is the one of the ways to grow Loong marketing and playerbase.
Thanks in advance...

(i'll edit this post with each new video I make... feel free to bump it from time to time)

Intro & invitation to "play Loong" video


Inventory space & talents overview


Pets & Production skilss basic info


Party buff, how it works and what it does


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