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Montag, 26. September 2016, 17:19

Miracle Has Happened

I got reply from Gamigo on their fb page, after spamming the hell out of it.

I'm sorry I had to do it that way, but attention had to be gained somehow.

Here is how it went: (will post eventual new replies from Gamigo)

- Tomerant Wild What
will happen with EU server of Loong Dragonblood, you completely
abandoned that server and even don't reply on mails sent about it?
Why... ?

(I literally posted this on every comment section in past six months on their fb page)

- gamigo games Tomerant Wild, can you please be more specific? The Loong EU server is and will be running!

- Tomerant Wild OK...
I'm actually VERY HAPPY to see this response. I'd more like to continue
this on game's official forum then here, but since the only activity in
2-3 years time span was one post about gamigo-aeria merge, I see no
other choice but to spam here.

I love that game, it has some stuff which
many mmos miss. I simply HATE to see it in state in which it is
currently. There is no way to post screenshots here so you will have to
double-check my words in case you don't trust me but here it is. When I
open launcher of your game latest news report is dating back to 2014.
When I go to official forum of a game I see last staff response dating
back 30th of May this year. Last post before that one was over year ago
and you still haven't replied or posted anything on official forums of
Loong EU since that 30th of May.

There are numerous "players" in the
game gaining +60gems in matter of weeks, while players who have been
playing the game almost since launch have from +14 to like +30 gems the
max.... That should raise alarm for some hacking action. I'd really love
if you checked out players MarcusAurelius and Palica.

Above all, game
is deserted by it's owner. No gms on forum, no community manager, no dev
team, no update news... not to mention how empty the game is when you
actually logg in. I don't blame the players. Who would join the game
when the last news report on a first thing you see (launcher) is dating
back to almost 3 years ago.

So, the specific thing i'm talking about is
you guys.... you are nowhere to be found.

It's anarchy in the game. Cash
shop hasn't got any updates in years, god knows when veteran players
will get some new content. Lack of interest in your own game is what
concerns me as a humble youtuber who promoted some stuff about your game
by doing couple of videos about basic stuff. Finding 2016 dating
english content about Loong was mission impossible for me, so I decided
to fix that problem for others.
If you show at least SLIGHT interest in
the game I will continue to draw attention to it and provide video
content for it. So far, my channel which is modest as it can be, has
gotten attention of some new players which are kinda interested in
giving the game a shot. I'm sure that over time it would get only
better. But I can't do it alone. I can't shove the thought in the minds
of veterans that you guys actually exist when they are proving me wrong
with the facts from past.

Show us that you care about your own game.
How? One community manager/game master would be MORE THEN ENOUGH for a
player base that is present right now. Some update on game's future would
be AMAZING. You have players which play the game for years without ANY
word from you (despite that merge post), they kinda deserve better
treatment for their loyalty and devotion to the game.

Please, don't take
this as a "rage post", I'm typing this in perfectly calm state and
approaching you as potential investor in your game. I like it. NONE ever
sad a bad word about this game. To be honest... you are making huge
mistake by declining the EU realm with such staff inactivity. People
don't play deserted games. Please, show us you care, show us you exist.
Looking forward to your reply... Tom


Dienstag, 27. September 2016, 17:06

gamigo games Tomerant Wild, your feedback has been forwarded to the product team. Thank you! :)

Tomerant Wild I appreciate the reply... hoping for some changes in following weeks