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Freitag, 21. Juli 2017, 21:07

New player

hiya is this game any good, as in alive? for a new player?


Montag, 31. Juli 2017, 17:30


im sorry for the late answer, but if you're looking game with a decent player base >< keep looking, i think at most there are around 7-10ppl online. Alltho, it's a fun game and you can play solo but you will miss out on a few dungeons since you need to be with 3in a team before you can enter, so i suggest making alt chars

anyway goodluck and have fun,

maybe ill see you around
penguins rule :thumbup:
~im out, have fun~


Montag, 6. November 2017, 17:11

For anyone browsing this forum and wondering if the game is worth playing or why it has extreme low population, this i believe is as near to the situation of the game history and obviously explains a few things.
Originally made by DACN and released on the international stage by Gamigo 6 or 7 years ago, it had at one time over 100k registered users. Seems like very quickly, ive no idea of the exact time, perhaps within 6 months to a year, the whole of DACN were swallowed up and bought by the Guild Wars 2 guys, and all the DACN guys worked on the GW2 project thenceforth, leaving DACN and Loong game itself, with no future, so therefore nobody to make new expansions or any kind of new content for it, a sure recipe for the vast majority of players to leave.

But in that very short beginning timeframe DACN had made enough Loong content to make it complete enough for a small band of hardcore guys , including myself, to carry on playing it, we being so hardcore enough as to not ever care about extreme low population. Enough for us that the actual game is dang good in our eyes, added to the the fact that Gamigo keep the game running year upon year, despite surely the income received from the item mall must be woefully low, Most other game companys would have shut down Loong long ago so kudos to the company for keeping it going.

As to wether its worth playing, well thats a question each person can only answer for themselves, after they have given it a whirl.