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Monday, October 29th 2012, 3:39am

DM items that drop in game.

Players helping Players -- Loong -- Guide to Saving Ingots -- Helping the lesser informed players who are not aware of these items.
Frivolous spending is not wise. Be informed and know what is available in-game before recklessly spending on impulse.

The following is a guide put together by Luke with intent to help other players save money. The following items are sold in the Dragon Market but with Luke's vast knowledge you will be able to find all of these items in-game and save yourself lots of money.

This will make players more informed and be better shoppers. Hopefully it will eliminate players wasting money unnecessarily which in turns creates a more fun playable game because earning these items through hard work makes you appreciate that item much more.

Love Keepsake
These cost 600 ingots each. The husband needs 2 and the wife needs 2 for a total of 4. This will cost you a total of 2,400 ingots which in turn is approximately $40 USD. (Appx based on 2,000 ingots 24.99 + 760 ingots 14.99).

Love Keepsakes drop in Mirror Lake which is an accessible area from Phoenix Village 774, 2079. Speak to the NPC "Dating Place Teleporter Matchlady". You will need a party of 2 (and only 2) once you are inside in-order to summon the Moon Demons. There are 3 NPC's in Mirror Lake at the entrance. The wife-to-be talks to the female NPC Moon Goddess and receives item "Mirror of The Moon Evil". The husband talks to Wu Gang the male NPC and receives "Shadow of The Moon Evil". To summon the Moon Demon (the creature that drops the Love Keepsake..) the Husband must first use his Shadow of The Moon Evil. Follow the coordinates and then the Wife will use her Mirror of The Moon Evil which summons the Moon Demon. In Addition to Love Keepsakes, you can also get items that give friendship points but those are bugged because of lazy unpaid-volunteers and even lazier lethargic gamigo employees. Luke can say this because as far back as Luke can remember these hairpins have been bugged. They were bugged in 1.3 and they are still bugged now in 2.4. Luke cannot remember these ever working properly though many people have complained many times.

Statistics: Luke tested this and received 2 Love Keepsakes in one day (You can only use the Mirror 20 times a day), and 1 Love Keepsake the following day. So out of 40 attempts Luke received 3 Love Keepsakes.


[Fashion Refining]
Gold Threads
These wonderful items cost 15 ingots each in the Dragon Market.
Based on a 6 piece fashion set you will need 10 Gold Threads at 15 ingots each for your 6 fashion items to create a 6/6 +1 Fashion Set for a total cost of: 900 ingots.

Fashion +2 will cost you: 30 Gold Threads x 15 ingots x 6 = 2,700 ingots.
Fashion +3 will cost you: 60 Gold Threads x 15 ingots x 6 = 5,400 ingots.

Participate daily in the Celestial Warrior Event to get a chance of receiving free Gold Threads. Each Heavenly Beast has a chance to drop Gold Threads.

Tip: Use 8 Gold Threads instead of 10 and you will still have good success rate to refine +1 fashion.
If you are lucky and do event twice a day you may be able to start refining your fashion fairly soon.

To increase the amount of Gold Threads then you need to enter DD instance. Why do people call it DD when it is "The Origin of The Universe"? Anyways you can receive many Gold Threads in there. Please refer to Shinichi's Guide to DD for details.

5,400 + 2,700 + 900 = 9,000 ingots. Why spend your hard earned money on 9,000 ingots when you can easily get +1 doing Celestial Event, and in time you can get +2 from doing DD. Save you money because 9,500 ingots is $99.99 USD.


Mythice Piece
These lovely items are used to get Meridian Skills.
Each Mythice Piece costs 99 ingots in the dragon market. Since you will need an astounding amount of Mythice it is foolish and idiotic to waste money buying these. Each Du node must be maxed before you can move on to the next one. Each node varies slightly from each other as well. Some nodes require more Mythice than others. Seeing how you will easily need 15-21 just for the final tier in each node you can imagine how many ingots you would need. Say you already have 3/5 and you need 15 Mythice for 4/5 and 21 for 5/5 ... thats is 15 + 21 = 36 x 99 ingots = 3,564 ingots total! Woah and that is only for one node and only part of it.

Don't spend a single dollar on any Mythice Piece because it is a complete waste of money.

Instead do Mentor Quest. You have a rather high probability of obtaining Mythice Pieces (Plural) upon completion of each MQ. Oh and watch out for Amaterazu when he gets bored he will interfere with other peoples MQ's. You won't be able to finish MQ until he goes away. Just wait till he starts his botting program then finish your MQ's.

Furthermore, you have a small chance to get Mythice Piece as a drop from 7-star mobs during Treasure Hunting Maps (Unless Amaterazu the hacker, gold buyer, & botter steals them from you). Oh if you want to see ama bot just go the Panlong and watch him bot gold mines there. It is quite obvious he bots when he stops to collect at gold mines that have already been taken by another player. He just stays there at a non-existant gold mine and tries to collect as if its there but clearly its not. A non-botter would have seen there is no gold mine and ran to the next one ... but not ama. He has auto-bot path and bots when he sleeps. Oh and if ama doesn't steal your 7-star devils but someone else does ... its still probably ama. Ama has access to BloodFist, superSS, xXAllenXx, Hydragara, chuamel, PrincessLaura, among others, and he parks some of them in Magic River/Panlong so there is a high probability that if anyone steals your 7-stars its ama.

Oh and if anyone is wondering about Ren Meridian read this:
Templar is the final node in Du and requires roughly ~ 24,000 ingots. $99.99 USD gets you 9,500 ingots so you'll need to spend quite a lot to unlock Ren.

More to come so Luke will save several replies below this and add to it regularly.

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Monday, October 29th 2012, 3:40am

[Gem Removal Charms]
Gem Removal Charm's can be expensive and there are not many quests that give these out. Within those quests there are only a handful that give Gem Removal Charm 3. Almost all of the in-game quests give Gem Removal Charm 2's which are basically worthless to anyone who wants to seriously play and have leet gear.

Everyday the Cultivation Court is free to enter twice per day during the event. Each Cultivation Court has an Elite Leader 'boss'. Each 'boss' has a chance to drop Gem Removal Charm's 1, 2 and 3. Although the chance for them to drop is slim ... they do drop.

Gem Removal Charm 3's are for removing +14 Gems from your gear.

*Tip: Do not modify +14 gems. Instead add them unmodified to your current gear and farm these Gem Charm Removals in the court. Then when you get fancy armor you can remove your unmodified gems and combine your +14 gems into +20's or higher.

If you are impatient then spend your money on ingots. But through perseverance one can achieve delightful rewards.


[Raising Pet & Mount Level]
Ancient Fruit
In order to level your pet or your mount you must have Ancient Fruit. And you do not have to buy anything from the Dragon Market [unless you need Stage 7 pvp Pet].
To begin, your pet will start out as S 0 / L 1 which is the same as Stage Zero / Level 1.

Once you get to S 0 / L 9 with max Experience then you need to use Ancient Fruit 1 to raise your pets level.
This will level up your pet to S 1.

All Ancient Fruits are free through the Loong Trials [except Ancient Fruit 7].
Ancient Fruit 1 is unlocked once you reach level 20.
Ancient Fruit 2 is unlocked once your pet is S1
Ancient Fruit 3 is unlocked once your pet is S2 ... etc

You get free Ancient Fruit for your pets & mounts in-game very easy.
Open up your Loong Trials and see for yourself. Check the inactivated tab if you don't see it listed.

If you choose to purchase Ancient Fruit 1-6 from the Dragon Market then you will need 2,827 ingots. There are other ways to get Ancient Fruit through daily events. Wait that looks like Luke said "events" meaning there are more than one event. Sorry, there is currently only one event that enables players to get Ancient Fruit's 1-4 through the Fairy Event. The other events have been disabled. It is sad and unfortunate to see how degraded this once great server has become.

*Tip: If you need Ancient Fruit 1 then make a new character and level her to level 20 (Which is fairly easy and fast to do). She can then get free Ancient Fruit 1. Put it in your warehouse and transfer it to the character that needs it.

*Tip: Using alts from friends or guildies you can help each other out. Trade your pet with someone you trust and their alt can get free Ancient Fruit 2-5 depending on what Stage your pet is. Then you can use those Fruits on a new pet and level him up.

Never ever ever buy any Ancient Fruit from the Dragon Market unless you are at Stage 6 / L 9.


[Level Artifact]
Soul Grips
Luke is fairly confident that everybody knows they need Soul Grips to level up their artifacts. Luke is even more confident that everybody realizes how ridiculously expensive Soul Grips are sold for in the Dragon Market.

Luke just wants to make sure that no one is actually buying these ... even though Luke is almost certain that no one does this. Why does Luke say this ... ? Keep reading to find out ...

Soul Grips drop in the 10 fatigue instances such as:
Ancient Battlefield
Hell Ghostdom
Peach Blossom - Bugged end content cannot access Sanji Island.
Green Cave - Bugged final boss doesn't drop Lightning Pearl.

One can easily get 50-60 Level 5 Soul Grips inside a single Green Cave run.
One can easily get 50-60 Level 4 Soul Grips inside a single Peach Blossom run.

Luke has done Peach Blossom a few times each day over the previous week and has gotten over 1,000 Soul Grip level 4's.

To level up an artifact ... you need a considerable amount of Soul Grips. Lets pick a number just for fun say like 600 level 4's. You will not get your artifact to maximum level with this amount but just imagine if you bought these Soul Grips from the Dragon Market ... that would be 600 Soul Grip 4's at a cost of 430 ingots each for a total amount of 258,000 ingots which is $2,605.80 USD.

That is not even for a max level artifact. Who ever set the ingot price for Soul Grips in the Dragon Market clearly has competence issues. Did anyone from gamigo even test this or use a calculator? Can't they review their own financial records and transactions and deduce that they have never sold any of these?

Luke strongly encourages anyone contemplating to purchase Soul Grips with ingots to go farm them instead and save your money.


[Marriage Skills]
Anti-Fatigue Pill

Not a Complete List -- Just a few worth mentioning:
10 Fatigue Instances:
Hell Ghostdom
Peach Blossom
Green Cave
Imperial Tomb

25 Fatigue Instances:
Litian Hall
Leizu Valley of Silk
Devil Hall
HKL instance

Once a player reaches 100/100 fatigue they can no longer enter any instance and must wait until reset unless:
1) They purchase an Anti-Fatigue Pill in the Dragon Market for 99 ingots. This will reduce fatigue by 50; or
2) They are married and have the marriage books sold by "Sister Yu" at YEC 2094, 2720; or
3) You buy other players accounts like Amaterazu does. Then you won't need anti-fatigue pills or marrige skills. You can tell Ama controls multiple characters himself fairly easily. He enters devil hall on his main, then on BloodFist and then on superSS. If you notice each one enters separately so its obvious ama controls each one. Then you see all of them together near the dh entrance, easy to assume he is trading the drops to his main account. If you do not want to violate the terms and conditions then I would not recommend following in the foot steps of ama.

No one should ever purchase an Anti-Fatigue Pill because it is a complete and utter waste of ingots.

Instead, find someone to marry (regardless of their true sex if you don't mind) and get the following books:
Destined Glory Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

To purchase these books you need many Marriage Knots.
To get Marriage Knots you need to do instances: 10 fatigue instances completed yield 2 Marriage Knots, 25 fatigue instances yield 5 Marriage Knots.

Start farming instances and find a purdy lady or handsome man and get married! Then both of you newly weds can reduce each others fatigue.

*Tip: Need to get married? Look on forums as there are already guides. Need Love Keepsakes? Scroll Up and discover where you can find these for free in-game.

Well seeing how 95% of the female characters are actually dudes your most likely going to be marrying another dude.

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Monday, October 29th 2012, 3:41am

Saving -- More to come soon.



Monday, October 29th 2012, 3:45am

Saving -- More to come.




Monday, October 29th 2012, 3:58am

Saved -- try not to reply until Luke has added more.

~Luke says Thank you.


Wednesday, January 30th 2013, 11:48am


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Thursday, January 31st 2013, 7:13am

Well seeing how 95% of the female characters are actually dudes your most likely going to be marrying another dude.
Well, explains why the women are always uninterested when a man tries to court her. (Probably because the "female character" knows it's not straight to let a man court "her" (Him). xD :D


Saturday, March 16th 2013, 11:01pm


It's astrid1 from loong do you know where superss went if so pm me please


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