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Monday, April 8th 2013, 11:26pm

Loong In-Game Rules

§1 Naming Rule
Names of players, guilds, pets, shops, etc. that are insulting, racist, discriminating, vulgar, and/or obscene, or are found to be poor taste, are forbidden. Names with a senseless row of letters/numbers or massive abusive of symbols are not tolerated.

If a player is asked by a member of the Loong team to change your character name, the player will need to follow this request.

§2 Walljump/Glitching
Hiding in the walls, buildings, and anything of the like is not allowed. Players are not allowed to attack from inside the walls, buildings, or anything of the like, especially in PvP Zones.

§3 Luring
It is forbidden to lure (pull) monsters to station them at city entrances or to lure them onto other players.

§4 Loot
Players are not allowed to take the loot of monsters that they have not killed on their own. If a player is found to be stealing loot from another player, action will be taken against the offending player.

§5 Kill-Stealing
The player who strikes the monster first is the one who will receive credit for the kill. Kill-stealing is not tolerated. Continously attacking monsters of other players will result in consequences.

§6 AFK Skilling, Key-Jamming, Macros
AFK skiling, key-jamming, and use of macros are forbidden. The use of any tools that allow for your character to move on its own without the player being in the active game window and/or being physically at the computer is strictly forbidden. Software that is programmed into the computer hardware (such as keyboards and mice) are not to be used while playing the game.

§7 General Behavior
Players must be respectful towards one another in game. Threatening and extortion of others is not tolerated. If a player feels that another player is violating the rules, the player must report the incident to a Game Master. The player must be able to provide screenshots of the incident so that the team may investigate the situation appropriate. Please bear in mind that a perceived insult may by viewed differently by others. The Game Master will investigate the insults, and have the team evaluate the situation. Players must not accuse other players in the game and forums.

§7a New Players
Players must not make fun of those who are new to the game. Players must not disrespect other players for their level of game knowledge, and should not take advantage of this situation. Players should instead take this time to assist the new players if possible, as all players have started new once before.

§8 InGame Chat
Players must not spam the in-game chat. This means continously sending the same or nonsensical messages in world chat or any local chats in a short amoutn of time. Sharing links and hints which do not relate to Loong to other players is forbidden. Sharing cheats and providing instructions on how to use or ask for them is not tolerated.

§9 Bugs
Abusing bugs that you discover in the game will have your account put at risk for banning! Please always report bugs when you see them! For more details on how to report a bug, please go here.

§10 Trading
Scamming or deceiving other players to make a profit in a bad trade with players is not allowed. For example: offering a pet with a special level requirement on sale to someone, and not revealing this information to the potential buyer.

§11 Cheats
Manipulating the client is forbidden. The use of illegal software in conjuction with the game which is not from gamigo AG is forbidden. Sharing and publishing software of this nature to other players is strictly forbidden. Players caught cheating will be permanently banned.

§12 Account-Details
Every player needs to keep his account details private. Players are not allowed to share them with a third-party. Furthermore, players are not allowed to ask for the account details of others. The Loong Team will never ask for you account details or your password. If you share your account details with others, you will not get compensation for lost items/characters or accounts.

§13 GameMaster Support
Game Masters are not allowed to hand out items, gold or that alike to players. They will not hold items for you, help you level, or spawn monsters for you. Players may not trade with the Game Masters, invite them to a party or guild, or add them on their friendslist. Likewise, please do not request for the Game Masters to do the same. Exceptions are possible during events. Do not disturb Game Masters during their work, including attacking their character. Providing false information to the Game Masters is not tolerated.

§14 Usurpation
Players claiming to be a Game Admin, Game Master, Moderator or any gamigo employee; or found to be using a similar name or imitating the team names, will be banned. Players threatening others with the claim they know someone or is someone who can make decisions and changes with the Loong Team will not tolerated.

§15 Means of Punishement
Actions will be taken regarding the weight of a rule break
- Friendly reminder to stick to the rules
- Warning
- Temporary ban
- Permanent ban
- Block from all gamigo services

§15a Special actions
If the Loong Team receives substantial evidence against a player suspected for a rule breaking, the Loong Team is allowed to temporarily ban the player for security reasons to investigate the account.

Punishements for misbehaviour against the Loong Team (insults, threats, and so on) will not receive any ban less than a temporary account ban.

Orders and decisions of the Loong Team are to be followed. If a player tries to bypass a Gane Master‘s or Moderator‘s decision, for example, asking another Game Master/Moderator to investigate the same issue, action will be taken (exceptions are complaints about Game Masters/Moderators; these complaints must be direct to the GameAdmin, Community Manager, or to the support team).

The Loong Team is tasked to help you and increase you game play fun!

Disrespect of the rules will be primary punished by GameMaster. Please report any rule breaking to a Game Master or higher. For more details on reporting rule violations, please go here.

We reserve the right to change those rules if necessary. More rules can be found in the gamigo Terms and Conditions. The rules do not replace the Terms and Conditions; they are supplemental to them.

The Loong Team