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Dienstag, 7. August 2012, 13:57

[Official Guide] Loong Trials

Guide to Loong Trials in 2.4

What are Loong Trials?

Loong Trials is a new reward system in 2.4, that rewards a wide range of things you do in game. This can vary from leveling to level 10, to hitting level 100 and a lot of other things in between. Generally most things in game have rewards. From gaining your first production skills, to leveling your pets & mounts and not forgetting rewards for completing Instances.

How do I get started with Loong Trials?
To get started with Loong Trials, go to the far right of your screen to the Toolbar running down the right side or Press L on your keyboard.

Once you have the interface for Loong Trials open, you should see something like this:

As you see, there are 2 tabs. Activated & Inactivated. The image above shows a Trial complete with the reward ready to be received. The activated tabs are Trials you can currently start working towards achieving, ready to complete or that are already complete. Ones that are complete will show like this as shown below with the trial We are Friends:

The inactivated tab is for Trials you haven’t yet unlocked. You will unlock new trials as you complete the ones you already have unlocked & by leveling.

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