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Montag, 8. April 2013, 23:18

[How-To] Reporting Rule Violations

While playing Loong, you may encounter players who have violated the rules and Terms of Service. To keep the game as enjoyable, we ask that you please report this rule violations to the Game Masters or Community Managers via forum PM or e-mail at loong.en@gamigo.com.

When sending a message regarding a rule breaker, please do the following:

1. Subject: In the subject-line, please put in the character name and in short the rule they are violating.
Example: Arktemisa - Offensive Language

2. Message : In the message itself, please indicate the following:
- Date and Time of the violation
- Description of the rule being broken
- Evidence: Screenshots, video, etc.

Once the incident has been reported, the team will investigate and take appropriate action. Please do not share with others that you have submitted a report to protect yourselves from unnecessary abuse and drama.

The Loong Team