Crafting in Loong will give you experience as well as valuable items or upgrades. There are 10 available crafting skills, of which you can learn 3. If you find that you do not like the skills you chose though, you can always go to the NPC called "Crafting Skill Teacher" located in certain cities, such as Heavenly Dragon City.

You can view your Crafting skills in your "Skills" window (default hotkey "K") under the tab "Crafting"

Skills can be levelled up the more you use them. All of these skills are currently at level 1, and all of them have 0 experience. For example, once the "Collecting" skills reaches 350 experience, it will level up.



Just like other skills, certain crafting skills are active, while others are passive. The "Collecting" skill is passive; it will not open any window if clicked on or do anything special unless you are in front of a collecting node. The skill tooltip will let you know which nodes can be harvested with the skill you chose.    



Simply double-left-click on the node to harvest it. The higher level your skill, the better the quality of the harvested items.


Active crafting skills will open another window once used.

All of your recipes are located on the left. When you select a recipe, a description of the items needed, in this case "Cotton Cloth" and a short overview of the item will be available. Remember that crafting uses vitality - if you have no vitality left you will not be able to craft. Vitality recharges while you are offline or buy an item from the Dragon Market to recharge it.