11-Dragon Market (default hotkey "V")

You can acquire various useful items, pets, armors and fashion sets by visiting the Dragon Market. The advantage of the Market over the normal NPC or player merchants, is that you can access it from anywhere in the game, which is very useful it you suddenly run out of potions in the middle of a dungeon.




To buy item at the Dragon Market you need Ingots which you will either need to buy on the official website, or buy from the in-game "Gold Trade".



You can see exactly how a piece of armor will look on your character from the preview function on the left side of the Market window.

To place an armor or fashion piece on your character, simply left click on the item from the Market window and it will appear on your character. Click on "Refresh" to remove all pieces of armor from the preview.

Once a piece of armor has been selected, you will also be able to change its color.

Remember that none of these items have been bought yet. This is purely for your information.

*Changing the color scheme in the preview will NOT change the color of the item you are buying. Items only come in their default color, to change this color will you need to dye the item. Dye can be purchased at the Dragon Market.


Daily Free


Every day you will be able to receive a special gift from the Dragon Market. Simply click on the "receive" button, located at the top right of the window. The items will be sent to you Bag. At least one free Bag square will be required to receive the items.




Buy and Gift


To buy an item from the Dragon Market simply left-click the item once and click "Buy" at the bottom of the window. Alternatively you can right-click once to buy the item. A message window will appear prompting you to "Confirm" or "Cancel" the transaction. Items bought will immediately appear in your inventory, make sure that there is at least one free Bag square to receive the item!


*If your inventory is full, a message will appear telling you that the transaction could not be made. No Ingot will be taken from you if this happens.



Nothing makes another happier than receiving gifts. You can send an item to a special someone with the "Gift" button at the bottom of the window. A window will appear prompting you to enter the player's name, the number of item desired and a short note to the player. You can then "Accept" or "Cancel" the transaction.



Quick Recharge


If you have run out of Ingots and wish to get more, click on the "quick recharge" button. This is open up a browser page where you can purchase more Ingots quickly.



This is where you can keep track of any news concerning the Market, such as new items and item sales.


Gold Trade

You can exchange in-game money for Dragon Market gold through the "Ingot Trade". Here you will see lists of players who want to buy or sell Ingots.

These are private player transactions and the prices listed are not regulated or guaranteed. Come back often to get the best deals!



Here is a step by step guide on how to acquire Ingots

If you simply cannot find your Ingots in game, skip to the last step :)

Step 1 – Visit our gamigo Account System page and log in

Important: Please make sure you are viewing the English version of the Account System


Step 2 – Locate the Loong: The Power of the Dragon game from the list and select “Shop”


Step 3 – You must first select the packets of your choice and the quantity you wish to purchase


Step 4 – Once you have chose your packets, select the payment method you prefer


Alternatively, you can restock your Ingots quickly by using our Text Message purchase options


Step 5 – Review your packets and payment options. Once you are ready, click on the “Continue” button

Step 6 – You will now be prompted for more information, depending on the payment option you selected.

Step 7 – Once you have completed the payment process, and the payment was validated, you will find your Ingots waiting for you in-game.

Open your Bag using “B” – locate the “Treasure” tab, and open it.