Bag and Warehouse






Here is where you can access all non-equipped items in your possession and how much money you have. You can access your bag by using the default hotkey "B" or by clicking the bag icon on the right hand side menu bar.



Ingots which you can spend in the Dragon Market 


Gold which you can spend at NPC merchants 


Silver which you can spend at NPC merchants, 10000 Silver = 1 Gold 



Bag Slots


You start with only the first bag slot open, but you can increase your bag space by trading in "Auxiliary Bag" items at the Warehouse Manager which can be found in most cities. One "Auxiliary Bag" will open one new line of bag space, or 5 squares.




A special inventory bag for certain items you will receive in-game. You cannot place items in this bag, only take them out.




You can set a password for your bag for extra protection.


Other Buttons



Will automatically sort the items in your bag 


Allows you to create your own shop for other players to buy your items




Deleting Items


To delete items in your inventory, simply click-drag the item out of your map and onto the ground. If the item was bound to you a message will appear prompting you to accept or cancel the permanent deletion of the item.


Other, regular, items will simply fall to the ground where they can be picked up again, either by you or other players.


*It is important to note that when receiving quest rewards you will need as many free squares as there are quest rewards. EVEN IF THE ITEMS STACK.




To access your warehouse you need to speak with the "Warehouse Manager" in the nearest city. You can unlock more space in your warehouse with special items which you can trade in at the "Warehouse Manager". You can also receive, or buy, portable warehouses and access your warehouse from anywhere.


Useable Items


Items that you can use, such as health potions, can be dragged down to your hotbar for quick accessibility. Once in your hotbar simply left click the icon, or press the appropriate hotkey, to use the item.


Alternatively, you can right-click a useable item from your inventory to use them.