Guild (default hotkey "G")



You can only open the Guild window once you have joined, or created, a guild.






The guild window shows your current guild level and other important information regarding your guild. The Member List will show every member currently enlisted in the guild, you can toggle on/off the offline members.


To view more information, or start a private chat with, any of the members, select their name from the list and click "View Information", the first button at the bottom of the window.



Guild Information







Guild Skills






Your guild can gain valuable skills which will help you and every member become much stronger. You need to research new skills, which cost money and material, in order to be able to use them. Choose your research wisely, and think about the kind of guild that you have. Is your focus on PvE or PvP?



Creating a Guild


To create a guild, you need to be at least level 20 and have 10 Gold in your possession. Once you have achieved these prerequisite, speak to the Guild Officer in the nearest city. You will be asked to choose a name for your guild. Remember that this name cannot be changed; choose a name that represents that kind of guild you want to lead as well as something that will grab the attention other players.


You can pass on the leadership of your guild at any time. You cannot leave a guild while you are the leader.


*Any name deemed offensive or derogatory will immediately be removed, and your guild deleted. Other consequences may ensue.


Write a short description of your guild's goals in order to attract compatible players.









Write a short description of your guild's goals in order to attract compatible players.




You will also be able to review all invitations made by your members and decide whether or not to accept new players. The key to a good and functioning guild is its members, try and send a private message to potential members and see if they will fit nicely in your guild.





Dismiss your Guild


To permanently delete your guild, you need to talk to the Guild Officer in the nearest city. Only the leader can dismiss the guild.


Joining a Guild


To join a guild you need to be invited by one of the guild members.


Guild Administrator


Speak to the "Guild Administrator" in the nearest city to buy skills, accept guild quests and improve your guild facilities. You will need money and materials for the upgrades.


Guild Bank


After completing the prerequisite guild quest, you will be able to unlock the guild bank and share items with your fellow guild member. Speak to the "Guild Administrator" to receive the appropriate quests.