Friends (default hotkey "F") and Mentors

You will meet many players while playing Loong, many of them can help you along the way. You can add these players to your friends list.

To add a new player as a friend you can simply use the "Add" button and write down their names. If the player is nearby, simply right click on their character to add them.

Use the "Remove" button to remove a selected friend.



Prevent players from contacting you by putting their names on your blacklist.


*If a player is behaving in an unacceptable way, please do not hesitate to report them.



Master and Apprentice


You can gain more experience by becoming an apprentice to a higher level character, or becoming a master to new players.

A master/apprentice relation automatically adds the person to your friends list and you will not be able to delete the person until the relationship has ended.

You can keep track of all of your apprentices here, as well as your master. You can view all of your master's apprentices as well.

4 – Teams

You will sometimes encounter bosses or dungeons in Loong which may pose a challenge too great to take on by yourself. But by bringing a Team of players along you will be able to take on bosses, dungeons and even other Teams.

Joining a Team will not only increase your power through numbers, but also by special buffs. These buffs increase in power depending on your relationship with your team mates; whether they are friends, or belong to the same guild.


Creating and Joining a Team

You can invite another player to join your team by right clicking on their character or their name in the chat box. As the player to initiates the Team, you will be made Team leader. The leader can invite new players to the team and set the looting preferences.

To join another player or an already established Team, you will need to receive an invitation. The invitation will open a new window in the middle of your screen, prompting you to accept or decline the invitation.


Looting Preferences

If you are the leader of your group, you can set the looting preferences by clicking on the "Extra Options" arrow next to your character picture, top left of your UI.


Passing Leadership and leaving Team

To pass the leadership on to another player, or to leave the Team, use the same "Extra Option" arrow next to your character picture, top left of your UI.