Pets and Mounts


Pet Windows


Your pets and mounts are a very important part of your character. They save you time and trouble by picking up items for you, can save your life by feeding you potions and carry you over great distances. There are a variety of pets in the world and all of them can learn different skills to assist you.


There are two different windows through which you can control and upgrade your pet.


Main Window (default hotkey "P")






Here you can see your pet's status and basic information.



Green Bar

Your pet's Stamina. Each action taken by your pet, such as picking up items, will cost it Stamina points. Stamina replenishes when the pet is told to rest, or when you use special items

Yellow Bar

Your pet's experience bar. You can give your pet experience by feeding it special food, or giving it some of your own experience




These bars will also be visible in a small Pet Window which will appear at the top left of your UI once a pet is summoned.





The player level required in order to use the pet


The rarity of the pet, from common to sacred and more


This is your pet's loyalty


The higher this number, the more skills your pet can learn


Special skills for your pet. Coming Soon!


The speed of your mount, if your pet does not have the riding skill, this value will remain at 0





Your pet can wear special equipment which can boost its abilities. To equip an item on your pet, simply summon the desired pet at your side, and right-click the item from your Bag Window. The equipped item will then be visible in the Pet Window.




Your pets can also learn a variety of skills. Most pets will have one or two basic skills as soon as you summon them for the first time, but they acquire more skills over time. To learn more about how to teach your pet skills, see the "Secondary Pet Window" section below.




Give your pet a different name


Choose which pet to have at your side, or tell your pet to rest until called again


Release your pet. This will DELETE your pet


Give your pet some of your own experience. Your pets can level up. You can also feed your pet certain items to give them experience

Prepare to ride

If your pet has the Riding ability, you need to prepare them before you can use the Ride skill


Places useable pet abilities to your shortcut bar





A mount is a special pet which has the riding ability. Through the tutorial in the Dragon Village, you will receive the riding skill book which you can use to learn the riding skill. This is an active skill which can be found in your Skill window (default hotkey "K").


Not all pets can become mounts.


Mounts have two forms, the normal small pet form, and the riding form. Unless the riding skill is used, mounts will remain in their pet forms and help you as much as they can. Higher level mounts have very useful skills.


Secondary Pet Window (UI_minimap_petstr_button.png/ mini-map button, UI top right)



This window allows for even more ways of controlling your pet and their skills. Choose which pet to customize at the top of the window. This will summon the pet.



Buy a pet









Your Collection














Allows your pet to pick up loot dropped from monsters. You can set which items the pet will pick up. The more items it picks up, the quicker its stamina will deplete


A pet with this ability can aid you in battle. Simply click-drag healing items in the three slots and set when the pet should use it.