Quest Window (default hotkey "Q")






There are over a thousand quests in "Loong" which provide experience and valuable rewards. The quest journal is where you can keep track of all your quests.




You can toggle on/off the "Available Quests" window. This window lists all the quests that your character is illegible for, but has not yet picked up. Simply click on the quest you want to pick up to automatically run to the quest giver NPC.


*If you character does not begin moving when you click on an NPC in the list, try moving a few steps in any direction. Sometimes you character might be blocked by a steep cliff or an object.



Quest Filters


You can filter the "Available Quests" to easily find quests you wish to pick up. The basic filters are:


By Level

Shows the quests appropriate for your level

By Type

Shows certain types of quests only

Key Quests

Shows non-repeatable quests only

Quest and Repeat

Shows both repeatable and non-repeatable quests



Click on the "Additional Filters" button to open a new window with advanced filter settings.












These are special activity quests that you can take part in. You can filter the quests by using the tabs at the top of the window.


To join an activity, simply speak with the indicated NPC.



Show Tracking


Toggles on/off the quest tracking window on your UI