8-Skills (default hotkey "K")

There are no classes in "Loong"; you are free to choose where to spend your skills points in the Skill Trees. But it is important to remember that you can only put points in three of the trees – two weapon trees and the Battle tree.



At each level after level 10 you will receive skills points. These can spend spent in your skill window. The decisions you make here will affect your gameplay style as well as which weapons you will use. If you plan on being a melee only fighter, putting points in bows and magic will not give you any benefits.

Before level 30 you can reset your skills points at any time with items received from quests. Feel free then to test and try a variety of combination before you choose one which suits you best.


Skills that you cannot yet put points in will be shown as question marks. These can be unlocked by spending points in the main tree branch, located at the left of the window. Note that you will not be able to immediately fill out your skills as each stage has a level requirement.


You can purchase more skill points by clicking on the "Tactics" button at the bottom of the window. A new window will open showing you the price of the next skill to buy. Keep in mind that the price of skill points increases every time you buy a skill.


Active and Passive skills

Square icons indicate active skills. To use an active skill you need to drag it into your hotbar from the list located at the right of the window. You will then have to left-click or use the appropriate hotkey to use the skills

Passive skills are indicated by round icons. You do not need to put these in your hot bar. They affect your character as soon as you put at least one skill point in them. Adding more points to the skill will increase its effectiveness.


Buffs and Debuffs

Certain active skills will not cause any physical harm to your enemies, but rather raise your own power or lower the power of an enemy. Buffs are positive active skills which you can use on your character or, if indicated, on a team mate. Some buffs are permanent, other have a limited duration. Read the tooltip of your buffs for more information.


Debuffs are negative effects which can be cast on an enemy. A debuff will have a limited duration, but can drastically decrease your enemies attributes, weapon skills, or speed.

Every buff or debuff affecting your character will be displayed under you character information, top left of your UI. They appear as small square icons under your status bars. Put your mouse over the icons to learn more about their effects.