7-Character Window


1-Character Status (default hotkey "C")




Contains all the information about your character as well as your current equipment.

You can spend your attribute points in this window.




Determines your HP and External Defense; 1 Physique point gives 10 HP and 5 Ext. Def.


Determines External Attack and External Defense; 1 Strength point gives 5 Ext. Att. and 1 Ext. Def.


Determines Magic Points and Internal Defense; 1 Qi point gives you 10 MP and 5 Int. Def.


Determines Internal attack and Internal Defense; 1 Spirit points gives you 5 Int. Att. and 1 Int. Def.


Determines Defense and Dodge; 1 Agility points gives you 4 Defense and 10 Dodge


Determines Attack and Hit Rates; 1 Skill point gives you 6 Attack and 10 Hit Rate


Character Properties


The basic number of Hit Points of your character, determined by your Physique


The basic number of Magic Points of your character, determined by your Qi


The basic number of Stamina points of your character, determined by your level and can be increased in the "Tactics" skill tree

Ext. Att.

Reduces the rate of Internal Damage. Required for advanced ext.att. skills

Ext. Def.

Reduces the damage taken from weapons

Int. Att.

Determines the power of your Internal Attacks

Int. Def.

Increases the resistance to Internal Attacks


Determines the power of your attacks


Protects against critical hits

Hit Rate

This determines the chances of hitting your opponent


The ability to avoid enemy strikes



Some enemies will use special attacks against you for which you will need specific resistances. There are seven types of resistances.










Normal Damage





Additional Information





Weapon Damage

The basic damage dealt by your main weapon. Depending on the weapon it can be a fixed number or a range as in the example above

Martial Soul

A value that allows you to compare weapons of the same level, the higher the Martial Soul, the better the weapon


The total amount of Defense received from your armor


Your current movement rate. Certain skills can increase this number, while debuffs

may reduce it


Affects the damage you receive

Internal Injury

When you get killed, there is a chance of you receiving internal injuries, you will need to see a doctor in order to heal


Will help your weapon enhancing success rate


Most equipment pieces equipped have an "Appearance" value, more expensive and better pieces usually have a higher "Appearance"


Raises your team's experience rate, if you are the leader


Raised by joining certain events. It is required to craft. Vitality will regenerate while offline


This PK value will go down the more people you kill, once it reaches -60, other players can kill you without receiving a moral punishment


The cumulative power of your character. The higher the number, this stronger you are. Open the "Details" window to see a rundown of the values




There are two types of armor in "Loong", defensive equipment which comes in the form of heavy armor and cloth armor; as well as fashion armor which gives your character a unique style while also providing valuable bonuses.


Both fashion and defensive armor can be equipped at the same time, but only one will be visible on your character. You can toggle between the fashion and defensive armor anytime from your character window.

The "Attribute Window" option allows you to toggle on/off your attribute information for you to better see your equipment.




Notice that the fashion armor window has fewer slots, invisible equipment such as rings and necklaces can only be equipped in the defensive armor window.



Equiping your Character


To add a piece of equipment to your character, you will need to open your Bag and locate the equipment piece that you wish to use. You can then either right-click on the item, or click-drag the piece to the appropriate slot in your Character Information window (For this both your Bag and Character Info windows need to be open).


Armor Sets

Some equipment come in matching sets which not only look good, but also provide extra bonuses to your character once you have all of the pieces. Simply mouse over a set item to see how many pieces are in the set, and how many you currently have equipped.



Upgrading Equipment

To upgrade your equipment you need to use certain crafting skills. See the "Crafting" section for more information on strengthening your equipment.


2-Character Info (default hotkey "T")


Introduce yourself to other players in this window by providing additional information. You can toggle the visibility of this information at any time with the option "Visible to Others". If you do not wish to share any information, simply leave the page as it is, or return all options to "Secret" and delete all text.





3-Character Fame (default hotkey "R")


You can keep an eye on your ranking with all the different factions in this window. If you gain enough influence with a faction, you will be able to buy special weapons from their shops. Different factions specialize in different weapons, so it is wise to browse the merchants to see which offers the weapons you desire before choosing which faction to work for.


To gain faction influence you can turn in special items to the faction representative. These items can get acquired by doing quests. If you are carrying such items, a blue scroll will appear above the head of every faction representative in the city, you can then choose which of then you wish to speak to and turn in the items.






4-Character Title (default hotkey "J")


There are hundreds of titles that you can unlock in "Loong". Until a title is unlocked, its place in the Title window will be held by "???". To discover how to unlock a title, simply click on one of the "???" and instructions will appear.


To change your title, simply click on the title you wish to have and click "Use". If you wish to not use any title, click on the title your are currently using and click "Discard".