Basic Controls


There are two ways to move your character in Loong.



The default hotkeys for character movements are WASD.




You can use the left-mouse button to move by pointing to the location you want to reach and clicking once.

You can also left-click on links in your Quest Tracking or Quests window to have your character automatically run there.

Double left-clicking on the name of an NPC on the local map will also have your character run to the location.

*If the area is inaccessible or if your character is blocked by a steep cliff or an object, the automatic running may not work. Move your character a few steps before trying again.



To initiate combat, you first need to select your target. You can do this by left-clicking the enemy once, or hitting "Tab" on your keyboard – hitting "Tab" more than once will cycle through all of the enemies nearby.

After selecting your target, you can begin fighting by left-clicking your target once more; this will cause your character to use the weapon currently in use against the enemy. If you character is too far away to attack, it will move to the appropriate distance before attacking.

*If you move during battle, you will need to reinitialize combat, either by using a skill or by double-clicking the enemy.

Alternatively, you can begin a fight by using one of your skills on the target. After using the skill, your character will continue attacking the enemy with its weapon until directed otherwise.

Once the target it dead, your character will stop attacking EVEN IF there are more enemies attacking you. You need to actively select another target and initiate combat for every enemy.





Once you have advanced in a particular skill tree, you will unlock powerful combos which will speed up your battles. When reading the tooltip of certain skills, some of them will tell you that they can only be used after a particular skill.


In the case of the combo skill here, not only do you need to use the "Heavy Broken Chop" skill, but the enemy will have to be stunned in order to complete the combo.


The combo window will appear in the middle of your screen, showing you the icon of the next skill required to complete the combo.



Some combos can only be completed once, and the window will disappear once you have performed the appropriate skills. But other combos are repeatable and the combo window will remain open for a period of time, allowing you to perform the combo more than once.

*Some combos need to be performed immediately, and if you use a different skill instead of the one needed, the combo window will disappear.


Once an enemy has been defeated, it will leave loot behind. You can pick up this loot manually by left-clicking on the items, or you can push the gather items key (default hotkey "`" – located right under you Esc key)

Some pets will also pick items up for you. See the "Pets" guide for more information.

*Make sure there is enough space in your inventory to pick up loot. You can carry as much money as you want.



If your enemies manage to bring your health down to zero, you will be incapacitated. There are a few options available to you when this happens, and a window will appear prompting you to choose one.




Perfect Revival


This consumes 5 "Incarnation of Lotus". You will reincarnate where you stand with HP, MP, and Stamina.


"Incarnation of Lotus"


Revive Here

Consumes 1 "Incarnation of Lotus"; you reincarnate at the same spot, but with only a fraction of your HP, MP, and Stamina.

Accept Revival

Other players can revive you if they have learned the appropriate skill. You need to click this button to accept their revival.

Revive in Home City

This will revive your character in the city where it is bound. (See the "Maps" guide for more information on binding)


Gaining Experience

Killing monsters will get you some amount of experience, so will completing quests, crafting and other various activities.

Combining all of these methods together, along with a few experience potions, will have you well on your way to reaching the current level cap.



When you gain enough experience you will automatically level up. With each level you will gain attribute points and after level 10, skill points as well. Your experience bar is located in the middle of your shortcut bar, bottom of your UI.



Talking to NPCs

You can interact with a variety of NPCs in the game. To talk to an NPC, simply double-left-click on them. If your character is too far away, it will walk over to the NPC before interacting with it.

Quest Givers

NPCs who have quests for you, or quest updates, will have a blue or yellow exclamation or question mark above their heads.

They will also appear on your local map as blue or gold exclamation or question marks. When you speak to these NPCs, the message box will have options for you to choose.










Click on "Accept" to view the quest information. You will still be able to cancel if you decide that you do not want the quest.

Once you have finished a quest, return to the appropriate NPC and speak with them. The options will look slightly different:



If optional item rewards are given, you must select the one you wish to receive before you can complete the quest.



When you put your mouse cursor over a merchant, it will change into a small bag of gold, indicating that the NPC is a merchant. When you speak to these NPCs, a new window will open with the merchant's wares, as well as your own Bag window.



To buy an item from a merchant, click-drag the desired object to your inventory or right-click the item. Make sure there is enough room in your inventory for the items. You can shift-right-click on an item to quickly buy multiples.



You can sell an item by click-dragging the item from your bag into the Merchant's wares window; or by right-clicking on the item once. When you try to sell items of value or ones that are bound to you, a message will appear prompting you to confirm or cancel the transaction.

*Right-clicking a stack of items will sell the entire stack!