06.10.2014  Welcome to Loong: Dragonblood!

Explore one of the world’s greatest ancient civilizations, created by the mighty god Pangu. Delve into the mysteries surrounding the nine regions in your search for the legendary dragons, forces of good that once ruled and shaped the earth. Rewrite history and become a legend as you discover cavernous dungeons where you may find remnants of these powerful spirits and with them achieve unparalleled strength and power.

06.03.2014  [Update] Fixed Master System

Hello Loongorians,

We're glad to tell you that we've finally found the issue why the master system wasn't working anymore and have resolved this bug. From now on, every master information are getting saved and so the master system is working as it has to do. Therefore, everyone who has already completed the quest to became a master in Loong has to do this quest again. We have changed the required Gold from 10 to 1, so the loss will be very very low for you.

Have fun with the again working master system!

12.02.2014  Loong Dragonblood - Let's go international!

Dear adventurer of Loong,

Until now you have already been to many places in Loong Dragonblood. You have made many exiting missions and got in touch with
the adventures of the game. Also you have produced weapons and much more. Still we want all the same:

We want to develop – Loong Dragonblood - together!

Dear players of Loong Dragonblood,

we want to invite you to our new project today. Next to Loong English and Loong german – the newest European Loong version, we want to start over to develop Loong Dragonblood in much more languages.

Next to German and English we want to create new versions of Loong.

Which languages do we want to develop?

Actually, we are not limited to any language of Loong Dragonblood. So you can tell us the language you want to develop with us.
Anyway we have some favorite languages:

Are you interested? So here are the facts in detail:

The gamigo team is looking for assistance by developing Loong Dragonblood in new languages. If you want to join the team than you should own the following:

· You know Loong Dragonblood?
· You are interested to work in a gaming company?
· You are at least 18 years old?
· You can fluently speak and write one of the upper languages?
· You also speak German or English fluently?
· You own a Headset?

If you are interested to translate Loong Dragonblood into your native language than apply to a position of our team. To apply, just write an email to with a short description of yourself.

Also you can ask us questions using the upper mail adress.

We are looking
forward for your e-mail.

13.06.2013  [Sale] Evil Dragonscale Costume Set

[Sale] Evil Dragonscale Costume Set

Hello Loongarians,

finally the summer catched us, but not only the weather is hot. We have a brand new hot costume set for you this week, the Evil Dragonscale Costume Set.

This costume set is limited to 30 days, every single piece of this outstanding costume set is increasing a huge number of stats. If you are wearing the full set your HP and MP will be increased by 3200, your Charme by 50 and your Leadership by 500.

The best, the full sets only takes 395 ingots.

Your Loong Team

23.05.2013  [Sales] Magic Pet and Beastiary

Hello Loongarians,

have you ever heard about Capple?


Oh, you really missed something, but dont worry, we can help you on that. This cuddly friend can be your companion, but even if you are hungry do not bite him off.

This week Capple the Magic Pet is on sale for only 600 ingots.

You are running out of space for your pets and mounts? We thought about that, how about a new Beastiary, this week you can get 3 of 'em for the price of 2.

What are you waiting for?!

10.05.2013  [Sales] Buy 3 and pay 2

Hello Loongarians,

now that you have enough space in your bags and warehouse, it's time to fill the empty spaces.  How about some fishing? Yes we thought the same, thats why we have this great offer for you.

3 High-grade Fishing Lure's for the price of 2.

And how about some more "Bling Bling" on your armour? The Ladies / Boys will love this. Everyone loves jewelery and that alike. So here you go, get the Qigong Master Spirit Paper and not just cheaper, no again 3 for the price of 2.

What are you waiting for?

Your Loong-Team

28.04.2013  [Cash Bonus] 20% more Ingots for everyone

Hello everyone,

in order to celebrate the upcoming may, we are going to offer everyone a 20% Ingot-Bonus on purchasing any of our packages (excluding mobile payment and ePin).
This awesome offer will start today April 28th 2013 and last until April 30th 2013 23:59 (CEST).

Enjoy the sunny weather,
your Loong-Team.

25.04.2013  [Sales] 5 for 4: Auxiliary Warehouse

Hello everyone,

so your inventory is extended now? Still not enough space? No problem, take your shot at this awesome deal and buy 5 Auxiliary Warehouse's for the price of 4.
There is no time to waste, take your chance now!

your Loong-Team

18.04.2013  [Sales] Artisan's Handbook and Auxiliary Bag

Hello Loongarians,

today we are going to offer you two great deals.

3 for 2: Artisan's Handbook

It never has been cheaper to carve or engrave. This is your chance to save some more potential and the best afterall you will get 3 Artisan's Handbook but you only have to pay 2!


25% off on Auxiliary Bags:

You are running out of space? Get your Auxiliary Bags now, buy 5 and you will get a 25% discount.

Your Loong-Team

11.04.2013  Blue Dream Costumes on sale!

Hello Loongarians,

dream your dream and make it blue. The gods are blessing us with those stunning costumes. Amazing new costume set on sale now.

Take your chance to get one of those ultimative costume sets.

Get your set and blow your enemies away!

Your Loong-Team

16.03.2013  [Event] Awaken the Warrior- 16 & 17 March 2013

Date of the Event: 16-17 March 2013.
Time of the Event: 12:00, 16:00, 20:00, and 04:00 CET.

Event Details

  • Help the Emperor look for his lost warriors (the GMs)! When the time comes, a riddle will be announced on the World Chat.

  • If you believe you have solved the riddle, run over to the location, then say: “Hey <GM Name>, take this elixir!”

  • If you are successful, the warrior will awaken and reward you for saving them!

  • You have a maximum of 15 minutes to find the warrior. If you do not find them in that time, the Emperor’s enemies will capture the warrior!

Additional informations and rules can be found in our forum.

Good luck, adventurers!

Your Loong Team

14.03.2013  [Sale] Magic Weeks! Assassins are out there! New Costume available

Hello everyone,

it's time to safe your family.
Assassins are out there! We'd like to offer you great new costumes, to costumize your character and give it a epic note.

Women turn into cruel Assassins with the Female Assassin Set:

  Female Assassin Headwear - Charme +5, +150 Maximum HP, +150 Maximum MP
Female Assassin Shirt - Charme +8, +150 Maximum HP, +150 Maximum MP
Female Assassin Pants - Charme +8, +150 Maximum HP, +150 Maximum MP
Female Assassin Wristguards - Charme +5, +150 Maximum HP, +150 Maximum MP Female Assassin Boots - Charme +5, +150 Maximum HP, +150 Maximum MP

Setprice: 300 Ingots !!!

Men, this is your chance to proove yourself as Assassin, with the Assassin Set:

Assassin Headwear - Charme +5, +150 Maximum HP, +150 Maximum MP
Assassin Shirt - Charme +8, +150 Maximum HP, +150 Maximum MP
Assassin Pants - Charme +8, +150 Maximum HP, +150 Maximum MP
Assassin Wristguards - Charme +5, +150 Maximum HP, +150 Maximum MP
Assassin Boots - Charme +5, +150 Maximum HP, +150 Maximum MP

Setprice: 300 Ingots !!!

Get the set with a powerful bonus and increase your Martial Soul and Extra Damage by 80.
All costumes durate for 30 days.

your Loong Team

07.03.2013  Ready to fight? Fantastic new "3 for 2" promotions available!

Good evening Loongarians,

Have you sharpened your weapons? Did you polish your armor? Are you ready for the greatest fight you've ever had? Then it's time to enter the borderlands, it's time for huge battles!


These three promotion are perfect if you need more experience or want to try out your new skills! You get 4 hours access to the Tough Borderlands, Heaven Pearl Borderlands or Pearl Borderlands, depending on which promotion you purchase. And the best of it: You are just paying 2 passes, the third one is for free on top! What an offer, right?!

The Tough Border Passes are for players between level 40 and 50 and can only be used by them. The Heaven Pearl Border Passes are for players between level 50 and 60 and the last one, the Pearl Border Passes, are for player between level 60 and 70.

Have a great time raging!
Your Loong team

06.03.2013  Weekly Maintenance moved to Thursday

Hello Loongarians,

todays maintenance will be postponed until tomorrow 2:00pm - 3:00pm CET. Furthermore all future maintenances will be on Thursday from 2:00pm - 3:00pm CET.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope for your understanding.

The Loong Team

21.02.2013  [New Mount] Flaming Dragon Horse

What do you know about nightmares? We are not talking about bad dreams here. It is about the dark and evil creatures reborn from a killed pure unicorn. These dangerous creatures were feared among all living people and nobody was secure... Luckily, they did not exist in asian regions and nobody even know about them. However... these nightmares were not the real beginning... We are proud to present the ancient creature Flaming Dragon Horse, the oldest know ancestor, still dangerous as hell!

We were able to grow and tame them and from now on you can use them as mounts. But not just a usual mount. These are powerfull, fearless and incredibly fast. Get them in our Dragon Market and spread fear and death among your enemies!

All the best with your new mount,
Your Loong team

15.02.2013  [Valentine's Day] Contest - The true love

Romance is in the air, meaning it's time for some Valentine's Day fun!

Make a Valentine!
Do you have a special someone who you'd like to make a valentine for? Well dust off your sketch pad or Photoshop and make up something for your special someone! The Loong team will then take a few days to take a look at all entries to declare the final winner.

Send all entries to with your in-game character name and your account name. Only 1 entry per person! All entries must be received by no later than 11:59pm CET on Wednesday, February 20th!

And what would the fabulous prizes be?
Every participant will receive a small prize and the final winner something great on top! As we don't want to destroy the tension, we'll announce the reward in the end.

Good luck and a great time in game,
Your Loong team

15.02.2013  Happy Valentine's Day!

There's that one day each year especially created for people with a beloved one, for people with very close friends. All the citizens in the world of Loong are celebrating this great Valentine's Day as well, but did we say all? Not all of them. There is a nasty creature called "Giant Thorny Devil Flower" that is alone, that has no one to love. These monsters got angry the day before Valentine's Day and decided to do something really evil: The stole two of the most common symbols: kisses and flowers.

Brave adventurer, it is up to you know to find and defeat these evil creatures. Get back all the Valentine's Kisses and all stolen flowers. Bring back the love and happiness into our small world! The "Valentine's Kiss Exchanger" and the "Perfume Maker" are waiting for you in Heavenly Dragon Castle and Yellow Emperor Castle. Trade the kisses for new outfits and other great things or use the flowers to create wonderful perfumes for you or your beloved one.

We wish you all the best and good luck for the hunt! Valentine's Day is in your hands now!
Your Loong team

14.01.2013  [Maintenance] Extended works on the Loong server

Dear Community,

After the incidents on Friday the Loong server has been unavailable for a few days and we’d like to apologize for these inconveniences. Following you will find some more information on our doings.

The current maintenance is meant to optimize and adjust the Loong databases. In addition to that we will take care of the general issues which result in the known lag and load problems and massively affect the game.

We anticipate the server to be offline until 21:00 CET today. If our changes don’t have the expected effects the works will be extended over night. In that case a new timeframe will be offered by tomorrow morning latest. We hope to keep the offline time as short as possible and hope for your understanding and patience.

We’re looking forward to have a great time with you in Loong again!

Best Regards,
Your Loong team

02.01.2013  [Sale] Happy New Year!

The year 2012 is over, the world stills alive and the year 2013 is already about two days old. It is the first time that we have the year 2013. There hasn't been a year 2013 before this one. Due to this we want to celebrate the beginning of the new year together with you and have a special surprise in the Dragon Market!

From now on you can find the "New Year's Mount" in the shop. This mount can be used for 30 days after it has been activated and gives you a huge speed bonus while moving through the world of Loong: Dragonblood. One special feature is that you can ride it alone or together with a friend.

But that's not everything which is new in the Dragon Market! There are 4 other promo packages which we want to introduce for you.

The "Promo 2" package contains 3 pieces of the "Anti-fatigue Pill" for the price of 2. This pill reduces your fatigue by 50 when you are using it.

The "Promo 3" package contains 3 pieces of the "Large Loot Charm" for the price of 2. This charm will increase the loot ratio by 200% for one hour!

The "Promo 4" package contains 3 pieces of the "Colorful Wind Stone" for the price of 2. This stone is useful to improve your equipment!

The "Promo 5" package contains 3 pieces of the "Colorful Blood-Crystal Stone" for the price of 2. This stone is also useful to improve your equipment!

So take the chance to get 1 item free by buying 2 of it! The whole team around Loong and gamigo wishes you all the best for the year 2013.

14.12.2012  [Sale] Potential Stone and Divine Spirit Paper

The weekend is coming and there are also not many days left until we celebrate Christmas. For both reasons we've decided to give you one piece of the following items for free within the promo packages 1 and 2 which you can find in the Loong item shop.

From now on you can find 2 brand new packages in the Dragon Market! The first package offers "Potential Stones" to recover 80 potential value for your equipment. The second package contains the "Divine Spirit paper" which can be used to modifily gems, sigil and dragon souls.

We wish you a great time in Loong and a lot of fun with the two new item packages.

02.10.2012  Maintenance postponed

Dear Loongarians,

as tomorrow we celebrate the National German holiday, the maintenance will be postponed to Thursday. Time will stay the same.

Thank you for your understanding,

Your Loong Team

24.09.2012  [Maintenance] Maintenance of gAS tonight

Dear community!

On September 25th will be a maintenance of the Gamigo Account System from 2.00 to 4.00 AM (GMT +2).

In this time you cannot use the Account System to change your password, to register or to buy Ingots.
The gameserver should not be concerned.


Team Loong

29.08.2012  Maintenance postponed

Dear Loongarians,

please note that our weekly maintenance will be postponed to tomorrow from 3 pm CET until 4 pm CET. During this time the server is unavailable.

Thank you for your understanding

Loong Team

22.08.2012  [Forum] Maintenance today between 14:00 CEST and 16:00 CEST

Dear Loongarians,

Due a maintenance today it could be that our game forum won’t be available in the time from 02:00pm until 04:00pm CEST.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

Best regards,
Your Loong Team

22.08.2012  [Maintenance] Change of time for today's maintenance

Dear Loongarians,

we will perform today's maintenance a bit earlier. Servers will go down at 11:30 CET. We have planned a downtime of approx. 1.5 hours.

The maintenance should help fix the issues that made the server's crash yesterday and is been done in cooperation with the developer. This is also the reason why we had to bring it forward due to the time difference with China.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Loong team

21.08.2012  Server down

Dear Loongarians,

As you have figured out, the server keeps continually going down after we have restarted it. We are working hard to solve the issue together with the developer but we cannot give you a timeline - it might even take until tomorrow morning to fix it. If we have further details we will inform you here.

Your Loong team

21.08.2012  Server back up again

Hello Loongarians,
the server is back up and running.
See you ingame :)


Loong team

21.08.2012  Serverdown

Dear Loongarian,

our IT is working at full speed to bring the server back online for you.

We ask for your patience and will keep you up to date.


Loong team

07.08.2012  [Maintenance] Important firewall maintenance August 8th 2012

Dear Loongarians,

On August 8 from 3:00 AM - 5:00 AM (CEST), all servers in the gamigo network will not be available. This is due to important firewall maintenance that will enhance the security systems, as well as availability and performance. We will do our best to keep this downtime as short as possible and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Loong team

27.07.2012  Let the games begin! gamigo gives you an extra 20% Ingots for your purchases!

From 12 noon (CEST) on July 27 to 11:59 pm (CEST) on July 31, 2012 you'll receive a 20% bonus on your Ingots for any purchase in our gamigo shop. (SMS and ePIN are excluded from this promotion.)

The games this summer are a major highlight and we at gamigo want to celebrate with you. For those who prefer to play themselves instead of spectating, now is the perfect opportunity to tank up your reserves. Missing some raw materials for a helpful weapon or need an important potion? Take advantage of our enthusiasm for the competition and buy now.

To sweeten the deal: If at least 20 world records are broken, everyone purchasing a packet worth 99.99 €/$/GBP during the event will receive a voucher for 12 €/$/GBP! This code will be sent out by e-mail after the competition is finished.

We hope for an exciting competition for you and for us, and of course for as many new records as possible!

All the best,

the Loong team


24.07.2012  Looking for new team member

Dear Loongarians,

We are looking for new members for our Loong gm team.

What does a GM do?

  • You help players in-game with questions or problems they might have.

  • You monitor in-game activity and make sure players abide by the rules.

  • You alert players of their misconduct in a friendly manner and react appropriately.

  • You intervene in case of disputes between players.

  • You assist in finding and reporting bugs in the game.

  • You help plan and execute in-game events.

What requirements should a GM meet?

  • You are at least 18 years old.

  • You have at least 1-2 hours time each day for this task.

  • You are fluent in spoken and written English, ideally also another language (German, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, or Polish).

  • You are an experienced gamer and have, or are eager to gain, an in-depth knowledge of Loong.

  • You enjoy working as part of a team and interacting with players.

  • Ideally you have been a GM before.

  • You have a headset and access to VOIP software like TeamSpeak, Mumble or Ventrillo.

Interested in becoming a Game Master? Then your application by email to with the subject line “GM application” and make sure it contains the following information:

  • Name:

  • Age:

  • Location:

  • Your forum and in-game name:

  • How long you have been playing Loong:

  • What other games (if any) you’ve been a GM for:

  • A brief introduction and why you think you would fit well in our team:

We will judge the quality of your English from your introduction letter. Please spend an appropriate amount of time revising your email before sending it. Applications with poor grammar or too many typos will not be considered.

Your Loong team

20.06.2012  Maintenance tomorrow June 21st

We will be having maintenance tomorrow instead of today from 15:00-17:00CET. Thank you for you patience at this time.

20.06.2012  Weekly maintenance 6/20/12

Hello Loongarians, maintenance has been postponed for today so enjoy playing! ^_^

12.06.2012  Weekly Maintenance June 13, 2012

Hello Loongarians! Just a reminder that we will be having our weekly maintenance tomorrow from 15:00-17:00CET.

05.06.2012  Maintenance 15-17:00CET

Dear Community,

Please note that Taishan's weekly maintenance will take place from 15:00-17:00CET tomorrow and every Wednesday thereafter.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


30.05.2012  New updates

Hello Loongarians! We apologize for being quiet but that just means we've been hard at work to get some bugs fixed. We also hope to have a Dragon Market update next week! Stay tuned for more info!

08.05.2012  50% Sale!

They have warred, they have outdone themselves, but today the true power of the supreme creator god of Loong makes itself known. To prove his superiority over the other deities in the world, Pangu provides you with another flash sales, this one with nothing less than a 50% bonus to your purchases! This will not happen again for ages to come, it is said, so do not hesitate!

Pangu Flash Sales!

50% bonus on all cash packets - Only for a few hours!

You'll get more ingots for your money from 14:00 until 17:00 CET.

Act quickly and get this great bonus! Who knows when the gods will strike again!

27.04.2012  Spring Cash Bonus!

Get 20% Bonus on your purchases!

From April 27, 2012 (12:00 noon) until May 1, 2012 (11:59 PM), you'll get a 20% bonus on all cash packet purchases (not including mobile and ePIN payments)

This is the perfect opportunity to stock up on premium items and rock the weekend!

25.04.2012  Market Update!


To celebrate spring and our hopes for warmer weather, it’s Sun week! All sun gems are 20% off this week only!

And for guild leaders, are you trying to level up your guild skills? Trying to work towards maxing out Pain Tolerance to give your guild members some extra HP? Well this week only we will be selling special 20 packs of the Analects of Confucius for 20% off! This item will increase the research progress by 100 each use, making it the easiest and quickest way to level up your guild skills!


City Wars has been deactivated with testing over. We will be working with the developers on some bug fixes and will keep you all updated as to when City Wars will officially launch!

19.04.2012  Market Update and more!

Market Updates:


  • Thunder Week - 20% Off all Thunder Gems

  • Change Promo - 25% off Talent and Attribute Reset pill (all level) combo

  • Collecting Promo - 20% off Collecting and Advance Collecting skill combo for your pets

New Items

  • Sacrifice Stones are now available again. Use one at the end of the specified dungeon to re-summon the end Boss



Bug Fixes:

  • The Feng Du quest chain and NPCs have been translated to English

  • Yuande Renjun will no longer cause a client crash

  • You can now type up to 215 characters in the chat window


  • Spring Festival has come to an end. Tokens, Mysterious baskets and other related items and NPCs will no longer be usable. We hope you had fun!

  • City Wars - Register at the Castle Combat Instructor in Phoenix Village, coordinates x906 z2308

  • You can read the instructions for the city wars from the Instructor of castle combat rule in Phoenix Village at x875 z2306

  • You can join the attacking or defending sides by going to the Castle Combat Instructor in Phoenix Village at x906 z2308

  • You must be White named (PvP protection off) to enter the instance map and interact with the Castle Combat Instructor

  • City Wars itself will start on Saturday 21st at 20:30CET until 22:30 CET

New GM team members!

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce three new GMs in our team:


Please give a warm welcome to each of them!

12.04.2012  City Wars

Dear Loongarians,

Time time has almost come for you to battle it out for control of a city! However, we need some help in testing out the full mechanics of the event. Therefore we will be running a special test live on Taishan on Saturday April 18th.

To fully test out the war, we will need to appoint a guild as the current owner of the city. To decide this we will be running a contest between all of the guild masters! Guild masters must email their answers to the following question to

In a letter to Sikyu and Seraph, describe why we should choose your guild.

This will be a test run, so be aware that bugs are to be expected as we have not been able to do the wars with full guilds. If you are chosen for the war, we will expect full reports from the guild owners and participating members on the event.

We may even throw in a little prize for the helpful testers. ^_^

All submissions must be emailed to by the end of the week (13/04/12)

The Loong Team

12.04.2012  Market Update

Market Updates:

This is the last week for the current Spring Festival Promos! This is your last chance to grab a permanent Persian set, not to mention you will no longer be able to collect tokens or open mysterious baskets after April 18th! (the NPC selling titles will still be available however, so no worries if the shop hasn’t reset, you’ll be able to buy everything you have saved up for)

Moonlight week! 20% off all Moonlight Gems

Artisan’s Handbook + Potential stone package 20% off

Patch Notes 4/11/12

Bug Fixes:

  • Dialogue with Yuande Renjun no longer has odd symbols in it

  • Pei Qingyun’s “Master Di Rui” is now in English

  • Sabre skill “impervious” will now display correctly that it uses stamina and not mana

  • Recast paper descriptions now tell players that all modifications will be reset if used on clan weapons (recast paper heaven and snow trace will be updated with this information in the next patch, but they too reset all modifications)

  • The Imperial Tomb Guild NPC will now talk in English

  • Some spelling errors have been corrected


  • The event Order of gang clearing (or Guild Union) has been added! Now guilds can work together to help players level. The event can be completed any time from 12:00 - 18:00 CET

  • The Celestial Warrior even will now happen at 1:30 and 19:00 CET instead of 3:30

04.04.2012  Patch and Market Update!

Taishan is up and running again!

Make sure to check out the Patch Notes and Market updates!

As well as information on the next two weeks' events as we celebrate Spring!

04.04.2012  Weekly Maintenance 12-14CET

Dear Loongarians,

Taishan will be undergoing it's weekly maintenance today, Wednesday 4th, from 12-14CET.

During this time Taishan will be unavailable.

Patch notes will be posted later today.

Thank you for your patience.

-the Loong team

29.03.2012  50% Bonus Event!

After a few hectic weeks during which we got very little sleep, as a number of you likely did as well, things are finally quieting down a bit. Now we can all concentrate on the important things in life: going on adventures together!

Which is why, in addition to our upcoming Spring Festival events, you'll get a special "thank you" bonus with all packages in the cash shop between 12 noon CET on March 29 and midnight on April 1 (not for purchases made using e-PIN, via text message or with a g-account)! We would like to thank you all for the patience, understanding and trust you have shown during this time.

The Loong Team

15.02.2012  Patch Notes and Market Update 15.02.12

The following are the bug fixes deployed during today’s weekly maintenance.

  • The Mentor Questline has been fixed!

  • The Devil Slaughter event bug has been fixed and all players should receive their proper rewards from now on.

  • Chat filter has been re-worked some more

  • Condensation master now called Ascension Master

  • Mixture orders have been renamed ascension ores

  • Hand of Justice has been renamed To defeat Evil

  • Changed mentor exp value in msg. It will now display 1million exp instead of 100 million exp

  • Condensation master now called Ascension Master

  • Please Note: ascended equipment can only be used by level 100 Dragonblood players

The following NPCs have been fixed:

Wei Gu

Su An

Ge Hui

Zhong Xiaoling

Tian Ranche

Shennong Emissary in Heavenly Dragon Castle

Ji Fang

Chen Yin

Tao Guan

Taishi Kang

Market Update

Promo Packs!

  • Valentines Permanent Fashion male and female 999 ingots

  • Bride and Groom promos are back!

  • Temple Spirit Paper promo is back! 3 for 2!

Permanent Mounts


Holy Rhino

14.02.2012  Weekly Maintenance 15.02.12

Dear Loongarians,

please note that Taishan will be down from 11:00-13:00CET February 15th, for our regular weekly maintenance.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


The Loong Team

14.02.2012  Special Valentines Promotion

Dear community,

Valentine’s Day is the day of lovers and we at gamigo would like to celebrate with you! Gift your partner and save real money at the same time. Until February 18th every player can use a special voucher worth 2 USD/GBP while buying one of our cash packages!

Simply login to the cash shop, chose the package you would like to get and add the following voucher code. The code depends on your real life currency:




The rest of the purchase is the same as usual with the slight difference that you pay 2 Euro less! Use the code and make your beloved one happy with a small present. Celebrate the Valentine’s Day with us! (Note: Doesn't work with SMS payment.)


The Loong Team

13.02.2012  Valentine's Day Events!

Romance is in the air, meaning it's time for some Valentines Day fun!

Make a Valentine!

Do you have a special someone who you'd like to make a valentine for? Well dust off your sketch pad or Photoshop and make up something for your special someone! We will publish all entries on Friday Feb. 17 and the community will be able to vote on their favorite valentine!

Send all entries to [email][/email] with your in-game name. 1 entry per person! All entries must be received no later than 11:59pm EST (that's 5:59am CST) Thursday Feb. 16th. Voting will be left up over the weekend once entries go live on Friday. ^_^

And what would the fabulous prizes be?

1st place Permanent Valentine's Fashion set!

2nd place 20 Romantic Rose

3rd place 10 Romantic Rose

Crisis at Mirror Lake!

The Heartless grandmother sensing the rising romance levels has become quite angry. She's since been slowly sucking the love and romance away from the world and is planning an invasion on Valentine's Day to destroy the dating area!

It's rumored her attack is to come around 17:00 CET in Mirror Lake on Valentines Day.

13.02.2012  Server Restart

Dear Community,

please note that at 13:00CET we will be performing a server restart.

This will cause everyone to suffer a DC, but you should be able to reconnect 2-5 minutes later.

We are hoping to fix the current events with this restart, including the Divine Relics PvP event.

This is a server side fix only. Chat filters and other localization issues will be resolved on Wednesday during regular server maintenance.

Our Arena system is being tested by the developers in order to isolate the issue which prevents players from fighting each other. We are hoping to find a solution which can also be implemented on Wednesday.

Everything you report is a valuable help for us to find and eliminate bugs in Loong. Thanks to everyone who have helped so far! 


And we are back 

Divine Relics are spawned and up for grabs (remember you need to be red named to take one)

Arenas are back

Devil Slaughter should now work properly

Path of Enlightenment should now work properly 

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